The Chinese Lunar New Year is a tradition observed by a fifth of the world’s population. This year, the Spring Festival, ranges from January 25th to February 4th, 2020.

The latter date is a painful memory in other latitudes, -where the Han influence, combined with Antillian Socialism of the 21st Century, have wreaked extraordinary havoc upon a nation larger than Texas. Venezuela contains the world’s largest Oil reserves-a bankrupt and utterly monstrous corrupt industry is in charge of its extraction-, thousands of miles of navigable coastline -polluted and eroded thanks to Chicom activity-, rivers and countless fertile ground to develop self-sustaining crops -destroyed by two decades of systematic plunder.-

Christopher Columbus, the explorer who first described the beautiful, unstoppable and vast Orinoquia, wrote about the sheer beauty of these lands:

“Great signs are these of the Terrestrial Paradise, for the site conforms to the opinion of the holy and wise theologians whom I have mentioned. And likewise, the [other] signs conform very well, for I have never read or heard of such a large quantity of freshwater being inside and in such close proximity to saltwater; the very mild temperateness also corroborates this; and if the water of which I speak does not proceed from Paradise then it is an even greater marvel, because I do not believe such a large and deep river has ever been known to exist in this world.”

Columbus planned to discover a better route for the European powers of the time to reach modern India & China; he stumbled upon the mouth of the Orinoquia, a region so vast it’s demarcation is casus belli for the most ardent Venezuelan nationalists. The Guianan Highlands and the Orinoco River Basin house mineral & rare earth in amounts of the likes no one has ever seen before.

The Chinese Lunar Year never has a fixed date in the Western Gregorian calendar. Serendipity is also ironic, for the observance dates of the Chinese New Year for 2020 have also marked Venezuela’s interim presidency’s troubled second year.

January 25th marked Yuán Dàn (元旦), Yuán means “the beginning”, and during that day, as the Coronavirus panic loomed and Xi Jinping had to “cancel the festivities” as his other plan -the spread of a global pandemic to shock the markets, hastily reschedule OPEC meetings and cause a stir during an impeachment process in the US.- further develops

Spain, a country whose superstitions mixed with Catholicism serve as dispensation means of soft power in the Western Hemisphere, has a penchant for amulets and trinkets of all sorts. Like their Chinese counterparts, the sort of Spaniard antidote against the evil eye, witchcraft & bad luck, is fetishistically displayed everywhere in those nations public stands and homes.

One feature of Spanish Colonial rule is how via soft power, it managed to root within the colonized indigenous peoples the belief in the mystic & religious. Therefore, the colonized society of the Americas, once polytheistic & disorganized, duressed by the brave colonizer to embrace Abrahamic theology bought into the belief in the supernatural.

Within the context of superstition, Yuán Dàn & Catholicism, Juan Guaidó gathered a large crowd in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol, and the Venezuelan diaspora received the young engineer from Vargas state, who begged for forgiveness -amid shocking criticism for his sterile attempts to grab power from Chavismo- employing the Catholic tradition of kneeling. The interim presidency’s corruption-ridden administration is responsible for declaring with a grave tone a Humanitarian crisis -reported by Venezuelan MP and Guaidós “frère maçon:.”, José Manuel Olivares- and not solving it.

These sorts of showmanships, only exhibited by Guaidó’s predecessors, -Castro & Chávez- were hastily put together by none other than the king of deception, JJ Rendón. A man whose SWPL tastes -mainly black wardrobe & samurai aesthetics- colluded with all sorts of evil characters -who’re deep in cahoots with Chavismo: Juan Víctor Salcedo Márquez, Pedro Torres-Picón, Gustavo Guaidó, José Ignacio Hernández, Moris Beracha, Danilo Diazgranados, Henry Ramos Allup, et al.-

What JJ Rendón and Guaidó’s aides don’t seem to have factored in the Puerta del Sol showcase of deception, is that the Catholic rite of confession involves the admission of guilt for sins committed.

The Coronavirus pandemic in that began in Wuhan has sent a shock through the financial markets, the World Health Organization -whose second-leading financier is none other than the PRC- calls the pandemic an “emergency”. As surgical masks go out of stock in London, -another stop in the Interim President’s schedule, also home to Leonardo González Dellan- the Chinese tradition of prayer to fight off the Nian (年monsters) continues.

Guaidó, who is shadowed starkly by Nian of their kind, -a sordid cast of characters of the corrupt democratic Soursop years- must pray to fight his own Nian away.

Leopoldo Castillo -a man whose antics in Central America during Venezuela’s Christian democracy earned him the nickname Priestkiller-  was appointed by Juan Guaidó to lead a Commission to Recover/Restructure Chavista TV network Telesur, the latter is a Chavista media outlet created with the sole purpose of spreading Foro de São Paulo-approved propaganda.

Leopoldo Castillo is called upon to rescue a propaganda machine hellbent on promoting convicted drug traffickers of the FARC/ELN sorts across the continent. A sordid cast characters that have perpetrated heinous crimes and wreaked extraordinary havoc in the continent with an unprecedented number of victims.

There is a myriad of other problems to be addressed in troubled Venezuela, -namely corruption and a refugee crisis unlike the Americas has ever seen in its history- but for the young engineer from the coasts of Vargas in charge of the Interim Presidencywhose steps shadowed everywhere by friends and family of an utterly corrupt clique of rats -it’s their year indeed-.

Examination of the credentials of Leopoldo Castillo -a man who received payments by a convicted and wanted person of interest to the American Justice system- does not place him as an ideal candidate to take over a TV network with a continental reach at the service of Venezuelan citizens.

After all, for the Interim President, it’s essential to have a propaganda outlet.

Media outlets are Alberto Federico Ravell’s favourite plaything, from state-owned Venezolana de Televisión to Globovisión and from there he created “the Watermelon” website(patilla), and then to the Guaidó outlet: The National Communications Center, and from there to the recently Guaidó-appropriated Telesur with his old-time partner-in-crime, -former COPEI staple-, Leopoldo Castillo aka “El Ciudadano, the citizen,” a man known for his antics in Central America, his anti-Communist stance in Venevisión’s CrossFire (Fuego Cruzado) and his sudden shift to chavismo at the Belfort National Circuit (Circuito Nacional Belfort) of radio stations in 1998 and his utterly boring show in Globovision nearly a decade ago.

Readers up to this point might wonder why is Guaidó appointing a man with less than reputable credentials at the helm of an international TV news network with near-continental reach?

Part of Venezuela’s tragic societal characteristics is its lack of memory, the uncanny incapacity to remember or reminisce, a habit which foments the sheer disregard for the past, and the lessons it can teach.

That’s why most Venezuelan folk in the present dispensation will remember Leopoldo Castillo as the man who came into Globovisión’s network guide right after the General Strike of 2002. Back then, the bulk of Venezuelan TV viewers had the attention of other networks with far greater reach, of the likes of Camero’s Televen, Cisneros’ Venevisión & Granier’s RCTV.

Venezuelan society likes grandiose productions of great value, soap operas, variety shows of the Renny Otolina and Amador Bendayán kind, and of course, Cisneros Media Group’s Miss Venezuela.

So, why in the world would Venezuelan viewers change their channels from musicals and top-level soaps-in the midst of a political crisis-to listen to a former COPEI diplomat, turned-media man, that used to pontificate about the wonders of chavismo as an electoral alternative in its early days? Because Ravell had to please his bosses: Nelson Mezherane & Guillermo Zuloaga.

With nearly all the reporters of Venezuela’s only 24 hour TV news stations out on the field getting clips to cover the national strike that held Venezuela at the beginning of the century, Globovisión’s newsroom was almost empty, so Ravell told Castillo to fill in, and that filling in turned into 4-hour marathons for the 41 days that the 2002-2003 strike lasted.

From that improvisation, Aló Ciudadano, (Hello Citizen) came to life.

This showbiz politicking was previous to a social network era.

Let’s jump into Doc Browns DeLorean and jump back to the future.

Leopoldo Castillo developed a persona, a sort of tropical Walter Cronkite -suspenders and thick paste glasses included-Fucking boomer clichés.- who, along with his producers, and Maria Fernanda Flores designed the whole political opposition strategy from a newsroom encased in the slopes of the mountains of northern Caracas.

The network map of relations of Alberto Federico Ravell Arreaza is complex. Ravell is first-cousin to former President Hugo Chavez’s son in law, Jorge Alberto Arreaza Montserrat, married to Rosa Virginia Chávez Colmenares in 2007.

This peculiar map of personal relations puts Alberto Federico at a conflict of interests; on one side, he runs the political & communicational platform of Venezuela’s “democratic opposition.” On the other, his nepotic cousin’s rise to power gives Ravell Arreza an exclusive insight into how Chavismo works. Thus the control of information from a top-level source becomes a ethics issue that was never discussed by those in power to do so, namely the National College of Journalists, or the National Union of Press Workers.

Alberto Ravell’s handling of Globovisión’s valuable journalistic work-its archive-, a chronicle with countless hours of footage covering the extensive news source that is Venezuela -a once sovereign nation turned into a Cuban protectorate with the collusion of the press & industrial sectors in an unprecedented larceny scheme-  is nothing but dubious, the media man placed Globovisión’s streaming feed on DailyMotion when every other outlet was using YouTube, and shortly after Raúl Gorrín paid off Ravell, Zuloaga, and Mezherane, the network went to YT -not before wiping it’s entire archive of the Ravell era clean, just like Miguel Henrique Otero did at El Nacional with the help of Nelson Rivera, and Samark López Bello did with El Universal’s digital archives.-

Ravell Arreaza is entirely familiar to the intricacies and intimacies of power from a Barinas family, that copied the extractivist model of rent developed by the Spanish Crown during colonial times in the territories of the Captaincy General of Venezuela.

The Chávez clan maximized straperlo and bankrupted the world’s number one Oil company, who happens to run in the world’s largest oil reserves.

Globovisión during the Ravell years ran like the influential press office of the official opposition chosen by Hugo Chávez to run his façade of democracy. In that TV network, many Politically exposed people worked for Globovision, ranging from barrack gossipers to known embezzlers -of the Kico Bautista variety,-another example is María Fernanda Flores, whose romantic relationship to Ramón José Medina, employee -and business- partner to Chavista jockey banker “born with a silver spoon in his mouth.” Victor Vargas Irausquin, a man whose banking mischiefs & shenanigans got him in trouble in the Dutch Antilles & the Isthmus of the Americas.

2020, year of the Rat also brought the rise of Streaming Wars, amongst the belligerents, Disney+ comes as a probable winner for that battle, the entertainment giant’s platform does pack a punch of content -rodents include none other than Steamboat Willie & Ratatouille themselves.- Also, a pack of rats are after streaming platforms of the Telesur YouTube Channel variety, whose subscription base paradoxically dwarfs Ravell’s LaPatilla YouTube channel.

Some real journalists in Venezuela got fed up with the corrupt management of the regular, mainstream media press model -currently dying worldwide- in the hands of oligarchs of the Slim, Lopez Bello, Murdoch & Gorrín varieties, and are jumping into audiovisual platforms to showcase their work. In doing so, they chronicle the rodent-like procedures of Juan Guaidó & his clique, and it’s not surprising that this kind of bad press for the Interim Presidency is grounds for censorship. Since the gangster-like procedure of stifling journalistic work in countries of the European Union and North America is a felony with penalty of incarceration, Guaidó’s aides have to resort to try and grab Telesur’s YouTube handle and other assets to craft another Globovisión to spew some propaganda and cater to the diaspora’s streaming tastes; the pitching is so evident with Ravell and Leopoldo Castillo that the latter offered Miami-based and night show host Jaime Bayly a gig at Telesur.

Guaidó’s opportunities to rub elbows with the financial elite of the World Economic Forum at Davos, as well as his chance to have some facetime with the leadership of Canada were wasted and got the anger of the Cuban exile community as his praises for the Cuban regime-the orchestrators of the Venezuelan tragedy-“as part of the solution”, left not only the Antillian ex-pats in anger but also attract the attention of the international community whose efforts in helping the Interim Presidency to grab power from chavismo have centred in letting Guaidó drag the solution to the crisis -an armed intervention- for far too long.

Why Juan Guaidó has not had facetime with his main closest ally, -Donald Trump- is a question that time will answer right after this note is published. The United States Department, at the helm of Mike Pompeo, does notice the fact that Juan Guaidó always has politically exposed people -like Pedro Torres Ciliberto’s son, a known Hillary Clinton donor- surrounding him.

Chinese Lunar New year is an opportunity for families to gather and wish for prosperity for the year to come. For the Guaidó clan, prosperity is everywhere: Fabiana Rosales, the interim first lady -under the image consulting of Roland Carreño- whose empty fridge complaint tweets seem to be a thing of the past, compared at the haute couture clothes which currently -and gallantly- cover her as she takes selfies with custom made Jonathan Ive designed accessories.
Not only has Guaidó’s wife benefitted from the prestigious position that the Interim Presidency and international support have to offer, his father, but Wilmer Guaidó -a man whose fortune in the Taxicab business in the Spaniard Canaries is worth studying- is also being entertained to the most delightful soireés carefully crafted by none other than the queen of Venezuelan socialites, Lilia López at El Alamín Castle. Despite denying this soireé to Bloomberg, Guaidó’s father must answer to the exposé published by Alek Boyd, -and picked up by PanamPost- which confirms his attendance to a meeting in which Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt López -aka “Conspirator 2” in Operation Money Flight-, a man who is know to have embezzled Venezuela with his high-school friends and Rafael Ramírez’s lackey, Nervis Villalobos.

Wilmer Guaidó’s snack munching party at a fancy house in the outskirts of Madrid would have gone unnoticed by the American press except for the fact that also attending La Fiesta at El Alamín was none other than Donald Trump’s & Purdue Pharma’s lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani. A man at the centre of a political storm that ended up with an impeachment trial at the US Senate.

Any hope of real change in Venezuela is merely wishful thinking when further examination of the map of relations that Guaidó’s companions have as they shadow the young engineer as his second world tour unravels.

Juan Guaidó sat at the helm of the Comptroller Commission of Venezuela’s legislative branch when the Odebrecht scandal broke out. The Venezuelan congress, held by the “official opposition” never bothered to ask another political carcass and failure -of the Capriles clan variety- on why Euzenando Azevedo paid a governor 15 million dollars for electoral purposes.

Odebrecht’ sd corruption scheme in Brazil allowed the public to learn on how the construction giant financed both sides of Venezuela’s delicate political conflict, always tilting the scales in favour of the geopolitical interests of the Sâo Paulo Forum. Euzenando Azevedo, the Brazilian company’s representative in Caracas, had direct connection and contact with Hugo Chávez Frías and uncanny lobbying power.

Azevedo’s bribe for Henrique Capriles Radonski came with the promise that the latter if elected, wouldn’t dare touch any of the commissioned massive infrastructure works that the Carioca company had managed to get its hands in Venezuelan territory. This sort of political exposure and compromises provides context to explain the asinine course of action of Miranda’s governor when Nicolás Maduro stole him out of the election in 2013, and it explains why he appeased a massive crowd that was willing to stir a political hurricane in the streets -by playing a Willie Colón-commissioned single.-

One of Capriles’ lackeys is Gustavo Guaidó, brother to the interim president -exposed by Alek Boyd, again- of setting up contacts between Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt López and Guaidó’s cabinet. The Guaidó clan has no qualms in meeting with persons who are hiding in plain sight of Western authorities. These sorts of deceptions provide logical explanations as to why the interim presidency, -which officially ended on January 5th, 2020- conveniently renewed itself for a second term to keep sharing the benefits of straperlo that have given drug traffickers of the Hugo Armando Carvajal Barrios or Luisa Marvelia Ortega Díaz varieties.

Cocaine-sex-fiend-MP, Freddy Superlano, a man whose deadly orgiastic antics at Colombian border hotels with prostitutes cost his own cousin’s life and a bag full of American dollars was allowed entry into the United States, the Interim presidency has failed to provide logical explanations of this man’s conduct, and he’s shadowing Juan Guaidó, just like Sergio Vergara, involved in a corruption scandal exposed by PanamPost.

It’s clear that 2020, the year of the Rat has opportunities, and for the Interim Presidency -pack of rats of their kind, indeed- that is in charge of a divided, destroyed and wandering Venezuelan society, victim to migratory authorities’ profiling and abuse with no assistance whatsoever faces another year in which the most delicate humanitarian conflict in the history of the Americas unravels.

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