The much-publicized Syrian migrant crisis has gotten the attention of western society due to its nature, stakeholders, and political implications. But another crisis develops in the West, one with far more significant consequences, political impact and stakeholders remains silent amongst the Western Hemisphere: Venezuela’s refugee crisis is far worse than Syria’s in many ways.

Venezuela is home to the American continent’s most abundant energy reserves, ranging from petroleum, natural gas, gold, and rare earth minerals. 

The South American nation is more significant in area size than Texas, and slightly half the size of Alaska, Venezuela is at the center of the world’s geopolitical eye as a myriad of stakeholders from different regions partake in the current political crisis. 

The Venezuelan crisis is dwarfing the much more publicized Syrian conflict in its time of installation, the number of displaced victims, and its geographic location. 

This never-seen-before massive exodus has shaken the continent with countries like Colombia, Brazil & the Dutch Antilles reporting spikes of infectious diseases of all kinds.

Immigration policy officers of countries that surround Venezuela are not sure of how the process of accepting & incorporating almost a quarter of Venezuela’s population impacts their financial and social welfare system. 

This dramatic exodus of nearly five million people caused by chavismo should worry the minds of the Interim presidency’s apparatchiks. 

But they’re too busy trying to save scraps from the Crystallex/PDVSA-Citgo/2020 Bonds Case; they can’t seem to get Monómeros working, Humanitarian Aid money bankrolls deadly cocaine & scopolamine fueled sex orgies with border prostitutes and the “ambassadors” that Guaidó appointed can’t even issue a single ID to Venezuelan citizens abroad. 

Syria, ideological ally of Venezuela, crippled by a devastating civil war, interventions, proxy insurgent guerrillas & western sanctions faced a similar exodus that sent thousands of refugees to Europe with dire consequences as intelligence services noted a giant infiltration of religious fundamentalists hellbent on wreaking extraordinary havoc in Europe.

A similar scenario takes place in South America as intelligence and police forces are arresting on a quotidian basis Venezuelan criminals that decided to test their felonies in a foreign land. 

What to make of decent Venezuelans caught in the middle of this crisis? 

Those having to deal with the shameful and inevitable consequence of being labeled a criminal as police reports noting that criminals hailing from Venezuela are more the norm than the exception?

These refugees are forgotten, left down on their luck, with no legal assistance in a foreign land. 

Who can respond to Venezuelans as they are forcefully arrested and locked up in immigration jails when they haven’t committed any crime?

Who can answer for the unassisted children of the diaspora that are not receiving education, housing, & healthcare?

For the Interim Presidency, the priority seems to be taking over Chavista media outlet Telesur and managing to survive the political storm sowed by the deception, corruption & contradictory actions that have marked Juan Guaidó’s administration, as if a failed network would solve problems for those Venezuelans forced to leave their country. 

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