Jim Morrison’s hit song by The Doors “The End” has the title line. Consider how liberal & progressive baby boomers raved to the 1960s psychedelic rock song and bear in mind its cultural relevance. “The West is the best” remains an iconic line in James Morrison’s work with The Doors.

Sadly, as modernity and the pass of time have taken cultural male pop culture icons of the Morrison, Dean & Brando variety.

The meta-politics of the phrase resounds deeply as tensions in the world fire up when Babylonian Fundamentalist Mystics play with the peaceful atom as their armies rub elbows with crime rings of global reach.

Hezbollah’s reach goes as far & wide as the book with the Crescent Moon, now digitalized in comfortable Spotify podcasts can come near every single human being with an internet connection.

The “War on Drugs” policy started by Republican US President Richard Milhouse Nixon became a costly publicity stunt that allowed the United States to shape and mold foreign policy of countries it found crucial in the global drug trade. That acquisition of power allowed later US administrations to develop intelligence services that would enable the monitoring of illegal activities at a worldwide, never-seen-before scale.

In 2011, the US Drug Enforcement Administration managed to get an informant to snitch on a Hezbollah plot with a Car dealer in Texas to set up a bomb attack in New York to kill a Saudi ambassador, something that would make for a great spy novel.

Just as these gunpowder treasons & plots unravel in front of skeptical readers, a starker-more complicated, if you will- the plot thickens:

How is it possible that the same government that sets up phone calls with convicted criminals and international drug cartel kingpins -of the Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada variety- allows for threats of the Hezbollah kind to roam freely in the Americas in the way that it does?

It’s no secret to the American government the kind of work that Tareck El Aissami does in Venezuela. They have him on the infamous “OFAC Sanctions List”, a privileged spot for criminals whose wrongdoings stretch far and wide in the earth.

For the United States of America, it is rather easy to deploy troops and perform regime changes. What’s costly to the Americans is maintaining a regime that’s friendly to them in regions where the hatred towards DC is rampant and ideologically fueled by none other than the cronies of Fidel Castro.

Corruption is an enormous incentive for the political opposition in Venezuela to turn a blind eye to the claim for regime change and meddle with terrorists of the Chavista kind. 

If a transition government of any kind is to take place in Venezuela, it should develop a new policy with its natural allies, defined in the Western Hemisphere. The alliance with Iran is not only costly but detrimental to the nature of businesses that Venezuela’s industry and commerce have traditionally had since its foundation by Spanish colonizers.

So as for pop culture, and also -in context- Venezuelan politics, the west is the best route to take to bring stability back to a country that has seen enough of the communist debacle. 


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